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From Bill Notz and Bonnie McClelland, Seattle, WA

My wife and I are in our 70’s and have moved a total of 31 times. The first was quite easy, requiring little decision making and nothing but a car to move the stuff. Each subsequent move grew increasingly more difficult, requiring first a small U-Haul, then a small truck, until finally all of the accumulated stuff would barely fit into a very large commercial moving van. And it was not just the amount of stuff that made our last move, in particular, so formidable, but the DECISION MAKING that was required; for each piece of furniture, virtually each and every thing, either represented some cherished memory or something that had been “temporarily” stored for one of the wife’s relatives ( “Please keep that for me, because some day I will want it!”). It was in this arena that Sarah and her team excelled, for I wanted to get rid of virtually everything, and my wife wanted to keep, and either ship or store, the same things. Sarah and her team excelled in MANAGING the conflict and HELPING us come together to make decisions. They were instrumental in helping to relieve all of the tension that is inherent in trying to plan and organize for such a “final move.” They took care of everything for us, all the way through the process from decluttering to the final cleaning. Sarah and her people simply made it easy for us to feel that everything was completely under control. Indeed, when they would appear towards the end, it was as if we were being visited by a team of “Angels!”


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